I got a chance to go to my first Roots picnic this year thanks to Gina Paige and African Ancestry, who had traced Black Thought’s Ancestry and were going to reveal his results at the event. We weren’t able to film the reveal but had a great time, nonetheless….see the images below

…Shout out to the folks at OkayAfrica for hooking me up w/ the photo pass…

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2 thoughts on “roots picnic 2011

  1. Love the photoshow . . . . as always! You are the consumate artist with a camera in hand. Ralston everyone of your images tell a story. Thanks for sharing. – Mary

  2. Ralston, I am loving the pics and video footage…I have got to make next year for sure. I am looking for the pictures and footage from the Afro-Brazilian Fest! When are you going to post?

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