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…so i’m back from cameroon (pics soon come)…since i’ve been back i’ve been trying to recuperate from being sick…made it out despite the cold to see little dragon perform…to tell you the truth i wasn’t really excited to see them live…i was the same way w/ thievery corporation as well…thought the electronica vibe wouldn’t translate well live and onstage…glad to say i was wrong on both accounts…despite the low-key vibe of their albums, their stage show had a lot of energy and shooting it brought back those good feelings of falling in love with music again…like that d’angelo song ‘i found my smile again’…oh, and the opening act, billygoat was really good too…reminded me of radiohead but w/out much singing…told one of the members that their sound reminded me of the soundtrack to a michele gondry flick…he saw it as a compliment…i meant it as one too…even purchased a cd afterwards, which i recommend…here’s a montage piece i put together for the promoters @shineonmedc…

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