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Many years ago, I went to hear the original Patch Adams speak. He told the audience a story about how, in the beginning of his journey, when he was trying to raise funds to build a hospital, no one wanted to help. After a movie was made about his life, his name and his cause became known and everyone wanted to contribute…after the fact. He urged those in the crowd to not wait until something becomes known before deciding to support it. It’s especially when an idea or cause is in its infancy that it needs the most help.

I thought about those words that cold Friday night when I went to see Aniekan’s 70’s inspired art exhibit, Can you dig it? Looking at the colorful pieces hanging from the walls at {Cre8} space studio gallery, I wondered why Aniekan hadn’t “blown up” yet…why more people nationally (and internationally) didn’t know his name. I mean, the brotha’s an incredibly talented artist. But I know talent’s not the sole determining factor for a person’s success and I also know success isn’t measured simply by who knows you or how many sales you make. Part of success is having friends who will come through and show their support, just because it’s you.

I hope whatever criteria Aniekan used to gauge the exhibit’s success, that it was reached. At the very least, I enjoyed taking these images and seeing him celebrate his day with friends who recognize and support his talents…before he becomes a household name.

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