Yesterday evening I got the chance to meet and hear filmmaker/photographer Danny Clinch speak at National Geographic’s “Music on…Photography” series. I’ve been a fan of Danny’s work since the first time I saw ‘Live from Bonnaroo 2004″, which I put up there as one of my favorite live concert DVD’s (there is this beautifully raw performance of “Trani” by Kings of Leon that foreshadows the kind of music and popularity the group would have). Most recently, I’ve found myself sending links of the “Absolut NY-Z” piece to friends when describing the type of branded entertainment work I’d love to be doing.

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During his talk, Danny spoke about the importance of being a “fly on the wall” and being as unobtrusive as possible, respecting the people around the main talent, and having a solid concept for a shoot while being open and spontaneous to whatever may come. Other highlights and poignant moments included him telling stories about two musicians who had committed suicide, trying to surreptitiously film the passing around of moonshine, and photographing his father and Bruce Springsteen driving around in a classic car. Oh yeah, and a live rendition by Danny of Sam Cooke’s “A change is gonna come”!

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