Last sunday I was feeling pretty sociable. I don’t know what it was about the day in particular but I knew I didn’t want to spend it inside editing videos while the world cup played on tv in the background. Too many of my days (and nights) have been spent working and I think know I just needed a break. As a self-professed “workaholic”, I didn’t want to start another work week without a fun memory under my belt (*that’s what she said*). Plus this was Ivory Coast vs. Brasil so there’s bound to be some cuties watching the game, right?

So I put the call out on facebook and twitter… “my DMV heads…where’s everyone watching the brasil vs. ivory coast game?”  My friend, Mihoko, responded and we made plans to meet near dupont circle (DC) and play it by ear regarding where we would catch the game. Seeing that I’m not a die hard soccer football fan, I wanted to watch the game where I could get caught up in the atmosphere of the crowd. I found just that at Public Bar.

The venue was packed. The ratio of  brasilian fans to cote d’ivoirian ones at the spot was about 99 to 1. Seating was at a premium.  Mihoko scored us a couple seats next to two cuties (Asha & Shereen) and Shereen instantly let it be known that the seats were available only if we were rooting for Ivory Coast.  Ha! I could only laugh. I liked her immediately.

In the end though, our team lost quite handily, but it didn’t matter. We all had fun taking pics, drinking beer, talkin’ shit, and doing the body roll. Here’s to more days of living a life less ordinary.

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2 thoughts on “world cup 2010

  1. And you KNOW that I’m hella good at doing the body roll. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA! That was a lot of fun. We should watch Ghana win the entire shabang! Tshabalala! — that’s the name of the South African player that was really good, but I’ve turned it into a way to say, “HELL YEAH!” So whenever you’re super psyched about something, just yell “Tshabalala!!!!” It just feels right.

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