…i know…i know…it’s been a minute since i last posted…been real busy w/ other work…video work…it’s the editing that takes most of the time….this past weekend was pretty productive…on friday, i shot one of my boy’s wedding in annapolis w/ the help of my good friend jefry…got to sleep around 3 am and had to turn around and go to the ronald reagan building and film willie colon’s performance…yeah, i know…whoah woe is me…willie and the band killed it…i always love filming live music…all genres…afterwards i had to get some food in my belly (GET IN MY BELLY! – a la fat bastard from austin powers) …had a taste for some curry goat from sweet mango’s so i get in the car to drive over there and i happen upon a truck blasting ‘thriller’ by michael jackson (RIP)…the driver had a serious mustache going on and was rockin’ a blue turban and hanging out the door while dancing…now as strange as that scene may appear, and as curious of a person i consider myself,  i normally don’t let anything get in the way of my food…but this time i did…so i turned the car around and pull up to see what was up….and to my surprise i was met by the smell of some delicious smelling curry…turns out the the truck sells indian food (i tried the spinach and cheese w/ basmati rice sample for $2 and it was so worth it)…ended up talking to the guys and filming the scene of events that took place while there (will post up later this month when i get the time), got my food from sweet mango’s and left DC…i had a lot of work to do and didn’t want to get stuck in the 4th of july traffic…later on that evening, i ended up going outside to see if i could shoot some fireworks but only came across a few…ran into this cat Cole (sp?) and his stepson and took a couple pics…



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